b’s apartment: design challenges

With every space there comes a design challenge. I’m sure some wonderful decorator/organizer/architect has said something similar beforehand, but at the moment I’m going to take credit for it and declare that it doesn’t even matter if your space has been completely made just for you, or you think you have it all planned out. You just never know you have a design challenge until you run into one. Kind of like carpenter ants.

Fortunately for me, my new apartment offers several design challenges that I am already aware of because S (fellow blogger, twenty-something and bestie) lives in the same apartment complex, so the layout of our apartments are very similar. In fact, when I called him to tell him I had seen the place, I described it as being “like yours, except flipped around”. Do I sense a he says/she says décor post in the future?

Coupled with my photographic memory of my apartment tour, I’m already facing a few design challenges when it comes to my new space:

1) It’s not a game. This is serious stuff. Ha. Of course I take decor very seriously. Too seriously. Like, in an I-wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-doubting-my-paint-colour kind of way. But one of the biggest design challenges involves just that: a game. Or more specifically, a boyfriend with a huge gaming addiction. Fortunately, he’s no Angry Video Game Nerd, so he doesn’t have shelves upon shelves of games that we need to store. But we do have two PS3s, an Xbox, a Wii and dozens of wires to account for in our living room. Coupled with our surround-sound system and our giant TV, I need to find a way to make the space pretty enough for everyday living but user-friendly enough that the legendary party known as “Game Tuesday” can be pulled off without a hitch.

2) But we have little ones. I love our dogs, Milo and Gemma, so much but designing with dogs in mind can be a challenge much as designing around kids can be a challenge. The materials that we use must be non-toxic and not so precious that they can’t tolerate the occasional (the occasional!) accident and what must amount to mounds of pet hair per year. I also have no idea where to put their dishes, randomly.

3) Ch-ch-ch-changes. This is one of the biggest issues in a rental because there are so many things like fixtures that just cannot be changed. This can sometimes be a good thing. (Hardwood floors are almost unheard of now in an apartment building.) Or it can be a not so good thing. I’m thinking specifically about the colour of the bathroom tile on the walls. I can’t even talk about it right now.

4) I like clothes. And we have two closets in the master bedroom. There’s even a second closet in the second bedroom. But I need to figure out how to configure the closets in the best way so they can house all of the things we need to house in the apartment: off-season clothing, winter gear, day-t0-day clothes, linens, and cleaning supplies. And shoes. That’s another thing we’re not talking about right now.

5) I also like books. But short of having a multi-story library that the Beast has in his castle in Beauty and the Beast, I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with the arrangement of my books. I am armed with a few bookcases, but after having the majority of my books in storage for over a year, I’m not entirely sure how many books I even have anymore. That could be an issue later on down the line.

I’m sure there will be a few other design challenges down the line too. I visited S’s apartment recently and could already begin to see  my list growing: unconventional window placement and spacing, decorating around a piano, squeezing things into a too-small foyer…but I’m remaining optimistic. There’s way more space in this new apartment than it is in the one we are now. So who cares if some of the windows are a little funky? In my experience (re: voracious reading of design magazines) it seems like the most beautiful spaces are the ones in which the decorators have used innovative ways to make the most of what they had. If it means working with what I’ve got in order to make my new apartment the beautiful living space that I imagine, then I’m up for the challenge.

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